the spirit that guides us - 'innocent blood'

'INNOCENT BLOOD' is out now!
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'innocent blood' testifies to a unity of purpose that is matched only by our urge to get it out. tstgu literally gets sick of so much injustice and evil things that go around in this world we live in. they wanted to make a change, shake you up and shout out for those whose voices have been silenced.

the band wanted to bring back the noisy shoegazer sound of 'the sand, the barrier', retain the catchiness of 'north and south' but make it as brutal as 'don't shoot, let us burn'. the result is the ultimate mixture of shoegazer and hardcore, called 'hardgazer' – the synthesis of all that was implicit in tstgu before. no compromise but all elements sharpened into full focus – from the heart-wrenching whispers of loss in 'rip out your heart' to the scorched earth hardcore of 'third world war', with the hardcore grunting more prominent than ever. in between, you will find in your hands a collection of brutal riffs, true shoegazer-like wall’s of sound, killer choruses and an over-the-top mix (by martijn groeneveld of mailmen). the album as a whole sounds as urgent and massive as its message – light shines in the darkest places.